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Hello, the name's the Doctor. I am the ninth incarnation and I love bananas, Rose, and my T.A.R.D.I.S. I am from Galifrey and I am the last of the Time Lords. Come and talk.
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Rose stayed close to the Doctor as he grabbed some money for the necklace.  As much as she doubted anything would happen and, thus, there really was no reason to stick too close to him, Rose rather enjoyed being close to him.  That, and something always did happen whenever they went somewhere.  It was only a matter of time before the Doctor was needed and, since she had a knack for finding the issue sooner than him, it was better for them to stick together.

The Doctor gave the vendor the money and she gave him the necklace. He opened the clasp, put the necklace around her neck, and fastened it with a grin. He moved her hair back into place and kissed her cheek. “It looks beautiful on you, Rose,” he complimented with a smile on his face.

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She landed on her butt inside the Tardis. Balder gave a sigh of exhaustion before giving the doctor a grateful smile. “Thanks! Wasn’t sure if I could lower it at this level…” She then frowned a little and looked away. “I can make myself stronger, but when I do I completely black out…the last time I did it…I killed the friends I had as well as the target.” Balder looked ashamed as she told him this.

Balder still hadn’t even noticed her left arm was almost snapped in half.

The Doctor sighed and got the space ship safely on the ground before looking to Balder. “What the hell, Balder,” he said to her angrily. “Give a mate some warning the next time you do something like that, understand,” he asked of her. He got out a healer and scanned it across her arm. “Should heal better now.”

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Clara looked him over suspiciously, “I’m the Doctor’s companion. I’ve been travelling him for years. You don’t look like him.”

"Years, eh? Well, I don’t have a companion. I haven’t had one for years," he spit back.

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The girl held her backpack close, looking worried. “The door was open.”

She said. “And I needed a shelter so I thought this was just a box.”

The Doctor looked at the girl a little worried. “Well, the TARDIS is a shelter for those who are lost. Come in, come in,” he replied. He could never resist helping a child, no matter how hard hearted he was.

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Looking around her new surroundings, amused and amazing, Azue shook her head. “I just sort of, closed my eyes, and then boom. I would love to know what this ‘thing’ is.” she stated

"This ‘thing’ is a she and her name is the TARDIS. Stands for ‘Time and Relative Dimension in Space’ aka she is a time and space machine," he explained. "Now, who are you?"

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"Um… Through the front doors? Which say pull not push, by the way. You should fix that.”

"Well, I thought I locked those… Who are you?"

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Doctor, what if nuclear weapons had never existed? Would the world be a bit better if they weren't around or...?

"To be honest, it honestly wouldn’t matter. You apes always find some way to destroy each other."


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Special Projects || The Doctor & Harry


"The symbiote," Harry whispered, as if speaking the thing’s name too loudly might somehow summon it from the shadows. "We… we didn’t know. It was just… s-so small. So primitive. H-how were we supposed to know it was an intelligent life-form? It was just a little ball of goo… we just wanted to see what it was and… a-and…"

He drew his knees up to his chest and hugged himself, struggling to breathe. “It grabbed him. Dr. Summers, it… just latched on, and wouldn’t let go. It just… just swallowed him up, like he was nothing. And it just kept getting bigger, and bigger, and it was tearing things apart, and… I thought I was gonna die…” Harry looked up at the Doctor, his pale eyes slightly vacant. “A-am I dead? Did it get me too?”

The Doctor rubbed the boy’s back as he listened to him and what he had to say. He nodded as he explained. The time lord then shook his head. “No, you are not dead, son. I’m going to get you out of here, okay,” he assured. “I just need you to get up and stay behind me, understood,” the alien asked of Harry.

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"I could ask you the same thing," Clara said to the man in the leather jacket. "Now who are you and what did you do to the TARDIS?"

The Doctor sighed. He turned to the woman scolding him. “I’m the Doctor and she has been like this for a while… You look familiar.”

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"Where am I? Did you…did you drug me!”

"And I did not drug you. I don’t do that."

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